KLM increases presence in Africa

KLM Royal Dutch Airline has announced its flights to Kigali, Rwanda. The new route is most likely to strengthen KLM’s position in Africa. It is reported that the airline will be operating its route from this November onwards, where five flights a week will be operating to Kigali. There will also be a short stopover in Entebbe. KLM offers flights in cooperation with Air France and also operate code share flights with a number of other airlines including Kenya Airways. The 2010 winter schedule of KLM released last month, also emphases on gaining stronger presence in African continent. The new route to Kigali is a part of this aim and strategically, very important for the airline’s future. This new service will be operated using Airbus A330-200 equipment. The capacity will be for 243 passenger’s approx, with 213 economy and 30 World Business Class seats available on the route. In comparison with 2009, KLM and Air France’s capacity is said to have been raised by about 4% in total. This means, the KLM-Air France Group will be serving 200 flights a week to 43 African destinations.

The airline is likely to give a tough competition to several other and existing flights in Africa. In 2011, where speculations are that the golden age of air travel will be over and air travel will be far from affordable, the new routes of popular airlines, like KLM make us predict otherwise.

The more the completion for cheap flights to Africa, the more it is likely to make availability of cheap flight fares easier. Also, stronger competition brings the cost down too. Africa is one of the most traveled continents in the world, yet with countable airline offering flights to Eastern Africa. The new winter schedule of KLM, involves connecting flights from popular routes such as Nairobi, Entebbe and Amsterdam. Such connections will also have an impact on the countries revenue.

Kenya Airways is a reliable airline and popular in both Europe and USA for its quality services and affordable airfares.

Smoking Bans Cut Heart Attacks and Costs – New Studies

Latest Mississippi Studies Confirms Earlier Findings

If a new drug were discovered which could cut the rate of heart attacks by 10% or more, many communities would probably make it available to residents, especially if the cost savings from fewer heart attacks were greater than the cost of the program.

Yet a new study of two different Mississippi communities has now found something even more effective which can be implemented at virtually no cost to prevent even more heart attacks and save millions of dollars in unnecessary medical costs in just two communities — yet many leaders are reluctant to embrace it.

The study found that a smoking ban in Starkville resulted in a 13.1% decline in hospital admissions for heart attacks, at an estimated savings of $288,270. Even more significant, a smoking ban in Hattiesburg showed a similar decline of about 13% in heart attack hospital admissions, at a much larger estimated savings of $2,367,909 during the study period — both estimates in 2010 dollars.

These latest studies strongly confirm conclusions reached by more than a dozen earlier studies, each showing a decrease in heart attack admissions following the implementation of a law banning smoking. Since these consistent findings were based upon studies in different population groups in areas of different sizes (ranging from cities to states and even countries), and used different methodologies, the evidence is considered to be scientifically conclusive.

For example, a comprehensive review of many studies (a “meta analysis”) published in the Circulation: The Journal of the American Heart Association, found that heart attacks decreased about 17% during the first year after smoking bans were put into place, with the effect increasing in later years. Lightwood J, Glantz S. Declines in acute myocardial infarction after smoke-free laws and individual risk attributable to secondhand smoke. Circulation 2009;120: 1371-1379.

Another independent study in the prestigious American Journal of Cardiology reached the same conclusion based upon five major studies. The authors stated: “When taken in the aggregate, these studies offer consistent evidence that smoking bans are associated with reduction in the risk for AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarction, AKA heart attacks) in the general public.” Meyers D, Neuberger J. (2008). Cardiovascular effect of bans on smoking in public places. American Journal of Cardiology 2008;102:1421-1424.

Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine (IOM), released another comprehensive study that reached the same conclusion: “Consistent data confirms for the committee that smoking bans do, in fact, decrease the rate of heart attacks.” IOM (Institute of Medicine). 2010. Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Cardiovascular Effects: Making Sense of the Evidence. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

These findings are hardly surprising, notes Professor John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The Centers for Disease Control [CDC] has reported that breathing even the small amount of secondhand tobacco smoke drifting into the no-smoking section of a restaurant can trigger a heart attack, particularly among those millions of Americans already at elevated risk for cardiovascular problems. Moreover, it noted — as others have also reported — breathing secondhand tobacco smoke can also temporarily increase a nonsmoker’s risk of a heart attack to that of a smoker.

“We now know that it is possible for cities, counties, and even entire countries to cut their heart attack rates, and the associated costs of treating heart attacks, with a simple step and at virtually no cost. All it takes is the political will to do it,” says Banzhaf.

He notes that most of the almost $200 billion a year costs of smoking are borne by nonsmokers in the form of higher taxes to cover additional medical care costs under Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs, and inflated health insurance costs. Fortunately, he reports, as a result of his efforts, it is now legal to charge smokers more than nonsmokers for health insurance, a freedom which will remain even after health care reform.

New Website Providing Support and Tips for Motorhome Travelers

The site includes tips and tricks, daily blogging about motorhomes and traveling along with a questions & comments page to receive quick, educated answers to any question a consumer may have.

The motorhome industry is wide-spread ranging from young families that like to travel on the weekends to retirees desiring full time travel. Whether using a motorhome for a couple of weekends out of the year to living in it, there will and always will be questions and problems. “A traveling RV is like a home constantly going through an earthquake.” states Greg Klepper, owner. This is where motorhomehelper.com comes in.

Motorhomehelper.com was created with the average consumer in mind. Klepper has been in the industry for over 11 years and met with a diverse range of individuals. The one thing they all have in common is questions, during the sales process and for years after the sale. Once these news owners drive off the lot, where do they go for answers? Now they can come to Motorhomehelper.com for anything from browsing through our daily tips & tricks to asking any question.

Motorhomes are a luxury item with millions of people enjoying them all over the world. The occasional bump in the road can easily be helped now by visiting http://www.motorhomehelper.com.

Feeding Pets in Need

CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company announced today a unique charity-focused promotion to benefit The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank of Portland, Oregon, the largest pet food bank in the Pacific Northwest region.

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank and CANIDAE Pet Foods http:www.canidae.com have forged a special relationship over the past year, with the pet food company supplying the charity with large quantities of its super-premium dog and cat foods. In turn, the charity offers the food free of charge to anyone who expresses a genuine need. The charity’s goal is to keep families together in challenging economic times.

During November, CANIDAE pet food retailers throughout the state of Oregon will offer specially marked 30 pound and larger bags of natural and holistic CANIDAE All Life Stages and CANIDAE Platinum.

Simpsonville Hotel Recommends Pet Boarding for Guests

Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville Hotel announces the selection of Hi/Lo Kennels as a recommended boarding service for guests traveling with a dog or cat.  Located only a short drive from the hotel, Hi/Lo Kennels is a family owned facility situated on 6 acres of land.  They provide safe and comfortable accommodations for pets.  Features include:

*   Caring staff

*   Individual indoor/outdoor covered runs

*   Large exercise areas for private pet playtimes

*   Meals prepared as you do at home

*   Clean and pest free environment

*   Mason fencing, doors, and beds

*   Climate controlled boarding rooms

*   Dogs given a bath upon arrival

“We are pleased to recommend Hi/Lo Kennels to our hotel guests traveling with a pet,” explains Greg Carpenter, General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville SC Hotel.  Carpenter continues on to say, “Your pet is like part of your family and we want our guests to feel confident that they are leaving their dog or cat in a clean and caring facility that is fully staffed and equipped to handle all of their needs.”   Located just off I-385 and only 16 miles from the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport,        the Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville Hotel is a 4 story interior corridor property that provides guests with convenient smoking and nonsmoking rooms to choose from.

A top choice among other Simpsonville South Carolina hotels, travelers are sure to enjoy high-speed Internet access throughout the hotel, complimentary breakfast, a fitness center and an outdoor pool. They also offer special saving to groups needing 10 to 25 sleeping rooms and have an onsite meeting facility which includes a 456 square foot space.

With lots to see and do and many nearby area businesses including Caterpillar, Lockheed, Kemet Electronics, Blanchard Machinery, and ACI Industries guests are sure to enjoy the Holiday Inn Express’s convenient location.  For more information on Boarding Services provided by Hi/Lo Kennels call 864-967-4822 or visit www.hilokennel.com.  Please note that in order to board your pet at HI/Lo Kennels you must be able to provide proof of current “shots” and vaccines.   To book your stay at the Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville contact, 864-962-8500 or visit them online at http://www.hiexpress.com/hotels/us/en/simpsonville/svlsc …

Envelopes.com Launches Non-Profit Discount Program

Envelopes.com announced the national availability of the Non-Profit Discount Program, a forward-thinking online marketing initiative that will help Non-Profit organizations, big and small, reach their funding targets through cost savings.

The new Non-Profit discount program will help any 501(c)(3) Organization to purchase supplies at an automatic discounted rate of 10% on every order.  Even bigger savings, up to 25%, can be earned when combined with the Loyalty Discount Program, which is instantly applied when shoppers register for an online account.  Savings are based on points earned for every dollar spent, $1.00 = 1 point.

“In this economy, it’s a tough time for charities.  Non-profits are seeing a trend in dwindling donations and everyone is fighting to attain their goals.   We’ve always highlighted volume discounts through our Loyalty Discount Program, but now Non-Profit organizations can benefit from the guarantee of savings every time,” said Theresa Gerardi, Customer Service Manager at Envelopes.com.

These days, charitable donations are becoming a less frequent practice due to the daily struggles that families face today.  The priority of giving to others in need has been replaced with the need to support their own.  The economic downturn has really hurt the success of philanthropy.

“In these hard times, it’s even more difficult for non-profits to achieve their goals with the limited resources available.  At Envelopes.com it is a part of our core values to “find a way” and to “continually improve”, and we believe our new Non-Profit Discount Program does just that on many levels. Its a triple win; for the non profits, their beneficiaries and Envelopes.com” said Seth Newman, President of Envelopes.com.

Attention all passengers, don’t leave your pets Unattended

The pet courier service provides an alternative to pet shipment via cargo (an option which many pet owners wish to avoid).

There are only several countries that require pet imports only on the condition that they be shipped as cargo (UK, Australia, Singapore etc.) and in addition 10%-15% of pets are shipped abroad as cargo into countries that it is not mandatory. According to Dr. Kreiner, head veterinarian at Animal Airways most families that ship their pets abroad are just not able to fly with their pets and have no other choice but to explore the cargo option.

Dr. Kreiner: “Our clients treat their pets as a part of the family in all respect. Just as they will not consider sending their 10 year old unsupervised on a domestic flight let alone fly him solo  on an international flight, the thought of sending pets by cargo makes many clients postpone or even cancel their plans just to avoid sending their pets by themselves.”

Animal Airways initiated a courier service to give pet owners peas of mind knowing that a professional pet attendant would accompany their pet from their home to their final destination where the pet is personally delivered to a family member or a representative on his behalf.

The pet courier service was innovated and developed at Animal Airways’ flight management department in the UK after recognizing the customers’ urgent need for a humane alternative to the cargo shipment. Since its official launch this year, the service has enjoyed great demand from pet owners all over the world. Animal Airways’ pet attendants have literally covered the globe providing personal pet courier to and from airports in every continent.

In additional to the pet courier service we offer pre-flight veterinary consultation and guidance, documents & regulation supervision, custom clearance at departure and arrival points, airline ticket reservation, shuttles to and from the airport, airline approved kennels and every other ground or flight services you might be in the need for.

Animal Airways’ devoted team is at your service 24-7 conversing in more than 10 languages for your convenience. We provide our pet courier service with at least three week notice in advance in order to guarantee the most competitive prices on the market.

Dr. Kreiner says that more than two million pet owners are scheduled to fly abroad during the upcoming holiday season and that the pet courier service will definitely be an incentive for them to take their pets along with the family.