Envelopes.com announced the national availability of the Non-Profit Discount Program, a forward-thinking online marketing initiative that will help Non-Profit organizations, big and small, reach their funding targets through cost savings.

The new Non-Profit discount program will help any 501(c)(3) Organization to purchase supplies at an automatic discounted rate of 10% on every order.  Even bigger savings, up to 25%, can be earned when combined with the Loyalty Discount Program, which is instantly applied when shoppers register for an online account.  Savings are based on points earned for every dollar spent, $1.00 = 1 point.

“In this economy, it’s a tough time for charities.  Non-profits are seeing a trend in dwindling donations and everyone is fighting to attain their goals.   We’ve always highlighted volume discounts through our Loyalty Discount Program, but now Non-Profit organizations can benefit from the guarantee of savings every time,” said Theresa Gerardi, Customer Service Manager at Envelopes.com.

These days, charitable donations are becoming a less frequent practice due to the daily struggles that families face today.  The priority of giving to others in need has been replaced with the need to support their own.  The economic downturn has really hurt the success of philanthropy.

“In these hard times, it’s even more difficult for non-profits to achieve their goals with the limited resources available.  At Envelopes.com it is a part of our core values to “find a way” and to “continually improve”, and we believe our new Non-Profit Discount Program does just that on many levels. Its a triple win; for the non profits, their beneficiaries and Envelopes.com” said Seth Newman, President of Envelopes.com.