, the only mapping website that generates customized closed-loop routes of any length from any location, announces the launch of the upgraded website. Users of the RouteLoops application input a base location (such as the address for a home, hotel, office, etc.) and a desired distance (5 miles, for example) and the website immediately delivers a route of that distance, starting and ending at the base location.

Unlike the original version of the site launched in 2005, the new release allows users to interact directly with the application via an interactive map. Users can create as many routes as they need, and the routes can be output in a number of formats, including formats that can be loaded into GPS devices.

“We are very excited to have the new site up and running,” said Leigh Chinitz, the creator of RouteLoops. “When we launched the test site back in 2005, we found a lot of interest from the running and cycling communities. But the time required to deliver a response limited the size of the user base that we could support. With our new site, powered by iMaptools, we can deliver as many routes as desired to every user. We are looking forward to our application being more widely available to people such as those who are in training and need routes of different lengths, people who are traveling and need routes in areas with which they are not familiar, and people who just want to add some variety to their existing routine.”

“This is one of the most interesting mapping applications we have worked on,” said Stephen Woodbridge of iMaptools, “and we look forward to seeing it spread throughout the user community, and continuing to enhance it over time based on user feedback.”