The miners who spent more than two months trapped underground in a Chilean mine are going to Disney World.

The workers, who spent almost 70 days trapped in a mine in Chile, have been invited to spend a week vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort next month.

“The amazing story of these miners captured the attention of the world for demonstrating the true power and resilience of the human spirit,” Disney President and CEO Bob Iger said in a statement. “We are proud to welcome these courageous men and their families to the Walt Disney World Resort.”

Disney thought it would be a great idea to invite the Chilean miners, their families and the immediate rescue workers to stay at Walt Disney World from January 27, 2010 until February 6, 2011, and Disney is going to pay for their stay. Not only that, each family that was invited to Disney is going to receive a gift card that is worth $500, that they can spend wherever they go in Disney.

To top that off, all of the guests are due to preside as celebratory Grand Marshals of a parade that makes its way down Main Street every day at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney figured that a nice, relaxing, fun and free vacation would be the perfect way for the miners, their families and the rescue workers to take their mind off of this horrible ordeal and get back to a normal way of life.