A strong Christmas-weekend blizzard paralyzed travel along much of the East Coast on Monday, halting flights at the three New York City airports, severely disrupting schedules at many others and shut down rail lines.

Amtrak has halted service between New York and Boston, but the Philadelphia Inquirer says “trains between Washington and New York are running close to schedule.”

Even outside of New York City, nearly 1,000 other flights were grounded Sunday as weather wreaked havoc on flight schedules from the Carolinas into New England.

Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington Dulles, Baltimore/Washington Boston were among the airports that saw at least some notable disruption of flights Sunday.

Officials urged anyone who did not have to drive to stay off roads in the region, where high winds pushed snow into deep drifts across streets, railroads and runways. More than two feet of snow had fallen in some areas by Monday morning and drivers faced hazardous travel conditions – sometimes with close to zero visibility.

In New England, many commuters appeared to be heeding the call to stay off the roads. In greater Boston, highways into the city were nearly abandoned early Monday as many workers were given the day off and others were on vacation for the holiday week.

Wind gusts of up to 80 mph knocked out power to thousands. Utilities reported about 30,000 customers were out in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, mostly on Cape Cod and south of Boston.