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The Hollywood Reporter has announced the launch of The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader, a free Facebook app that allows readers to read and share entertainment news, reviews, blog posts and videos from the leading entertainment news outlet.

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The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader is the first social reader for entertainment news.

“People love to share and talk about anything that has to do with Hollywood and the entertainment industry,” says THR editorial director Janice Min.The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader offers readers a seamless way to share and discuss the entertainment content they love.”

The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader provides access to nearly all of the content on without having to leave Facebook. The app also allows readers to like, comment on and share articles, blog posts, and videos they find interesting.

The release of The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader marks another digital milestone for THR, which has seen 85 percent growth in traffic to the site over the past year and launched iPhone and iPad apps.

Snapshot for Esprit Holdings Ltd (330)

Company Profile Key Executives for 330

Esprit Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries, designs, licenses, sources, wholesales, and retails high quality life-style products under the ESPRIT brand name in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The Company also sells Red Earth cosmetics, skin, and body care products and operates Salon Esprit in Asia Pacific.

More Company Profile Key Executives for 330

Brown Denies Murdoch’s War On News Corp Claim – World News Now

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7:33pm UK, Wednesday April 25, 2012

The media tycoon told the inquiry that Mr Brown had phoned him in 2009 after The Sun’s switch to backing the Tories in the next election.

Mr Murdoch claimed the then PM said: “Well, your company has declared war on my government and we have no alternative but to make war on your company.”

But Mr Brown said that Mr Murdoch’s claim about him “declaring war” on News Corporation was “wholly wrong” and called on the media mogul to retract his “serious allegation”.

Gordon Brown attacks News International in the House of Commons

Gordon Brown attacks News International in the Commons

The News Corp boss told the inquiry the ex-PM was not in a “balanced state of mind” when he made the call.

But Mr Brown said he had not phoned, met with or written to the News Corp chief over the Sun’s decision to switch support back to the Conservatives.

He added that he hoped “Mr Murdoch will have the good grace to correct his account,” when he resumes giving evidence to the inquiry on Thursday.

His appearance on Wednesday came after calls for Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to quit over claims he backed News Corp’s bid to take over BSkyB – following James Murdoch’s testimony on Tuesday.

On the first day of his two days at the inquiry Rupert Murdoch was quizzed about his relationships and dealings with British prime ministers spanning six decades, to which he responded with some revealing insights.

Mr Murdoch said he met Margaret Thatcher for lunch at Chequers on January 4, 1981 during which he discussed his plans to buy The Times and The Sunday Times.

But he said he did not ask her for any favours and she did not offer him any, adding: “I have never asked a prime minister for anything.”

Mr Murdoch admitted he was a “great admirer” of Baroness Thatcher, who The Sun supported in the election of 1979, but denied he was “the power behind her throne”.

:: Live blog – Sky’s Sophy Ridge has all the latest updates from the inquiry

Mr Murdoch dismissed suggestions he had any involvement in the appointment of ex-News Of The World editor Andy Coulson as David Cameron’s communications chief.

He also said he never discussed News Corp’s planned takeover of BSkyB with the Prime Minister.

“I was not involved at all. I did not discuss the appointment of Mr Coulson with Mr Cameron or with other senior Conservative politicians or their political advisers, nor did I ask anyone to speak to any of them on my behalf,” he said.

Mr Murdoch said that when he first met Mr Cameron and his family he was “extremely impressed by the kindness he showed”.

When asked if he thought the Prime Minister was a lightweight, he paused and said: “No… not then.”

Mr Murdoch went on to reveal how a previously close and “warm” personal relationship with Gordon Brown broke down, regrettably.

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He recounted his version of what happened when he spoke to the then-prime minister after The Sun switched its support from Labour to the Tories in September 2009.

Mr Murdoch said “no voices were raised” but he claimed Mr Brown told him: “Your company has declared war on my Government and we have no alternative but to make war on your company.”

On Tony Blair, Mr Murdoch said he had been impressed by the Labour MP well before he became prime minister, and today regards him as a personal friend.

Mr Murdoch admitted he may well have made the comment, reported by Mr Blair: “If our flirtation is ever consummated, Tony, then I suspect we will end up making love like porcupines, very very carefully.”

But he denied his relationship had ever led to any favours from Mr Blair.

At the start of his evidence, the 81-year-old said he welcomed the inquiry and wanted to address “abuses”.

“I think the need is fairly obvious, there have been some abuses shown. I would say there have been many other abuses but we can go into that in time,” he said.

“The state of the media in this country is of absolutely vital interest to all its citizens. So frankly, I welcome the opportunity because I want to put some myths to bed.”

He added: “Sometimes I’ve been right and sometimes I’ve been wrong at great cost.”

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Mr Murdoch rejected suggestions that he is a “Sun King” figure who uses his charisma to exert his authority over his worldwide media empire, insisting he runs News Corp “with a great deal of decentralisation”.

“I try very hard to set an example of ethical behaviour and make it quite clear that I expect it,” he told the inquiry.

“One can describe that in a number of ways. But do I do it via an aura or charisma? I don’t think so.”

At one point, Mr Murdoch drew laughter from inside the court when he said of politicians: “They all hated the BBC and they all gave it whatever they wanted.”

Summarising Mr Murdoch’s evidence, Sky’s political correspondent Sophy Ridge said: “Mr Murdoch was comfortable discussing Margaret Thatcher, irritated by suggestions of an improper relationship with Tony Blair and hurt by the disintegration of his relationship with Gordon Brown.”

She added that his testimony was in deep contrast to that of his son James.

“They have a totally different attitude to the business. Rupert is clearly a newspaper man who says you can find out what he thinks by reading The Sun,” she said.

“Compare that to James Murdoch – who merely said he tried to ‘familiarise’ himself with The Sun and read the News Of The World sometimes ‘but not all of it’.”

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Mr Murdoch will continue to give evidence in Court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London tomorrow.

It is his most high profile public appearance since he gave evidence to MPs last year.

On that occasion the tycoon told MPs it was the “most humble day” of his life and apologised for the hacking scandal, but the session was dramatically disrupted when a protester pelted him with a foam pie.

News Corp still owns The Sun, The Times and the Sunday Times, and has a 39% stake in satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

:: QA – Why have the Murdochs been called to Leveson Inquiry?

Meanwhile, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has denied any wrong-doing over the BSkyB takeover bid and insisted he would be “delighted” to appear before the Leveson Inquiry.

The SNP leader dismissed claims made in an email from a senior figure at News Corp suggesting he would call Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt “whenever we need him to”.

Hill's® Pet Nutrition Introduces Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ and MyBowl for Cats

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Science Diet® Ideal Balance and MyBowl for Cats provide pets a precisely balanced diet and a tool that helps their owners understand the importance of balanced nutrition for their feline.

MyBowl for Cats

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“The positive response we received for MyBowl for Dogs confirmed that pet owners are looking for simple-to-understand information about proper pet nutrition,” said Mark Champ, Product Manager, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “MyBowl for Cats provides feline-specific tools to help cat owners easily demystify nutrition labels and determine the best, balanced diet for their pet.”

Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ for Cats

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Cat Nutrition Center

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‘Peoples’ Rights Amendment’ Would End Free Expression

COMMENTARY | A group of liberal lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are proposing to alter the First Amendment to the Constitution to remove the right to free speech from corporations, according to the Daily Caller.

The move is a reaction to the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that declared restrictions on corporate political spending to be unconstitutional. The so-called “Peoples’ Rights Amendment” is designed to reverse this decision by removing Constitutional protections from “corporations, limited liability companies or other corporate entities established by the laws of any state, the United States, or any foreign state, and such corporate entities are subject to such regulation as the people, through their elected state and federal representatives.”

The effect of the amendment, according to a number of legal scholars, including UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, would be to strip constitutional protections from entities such as newspapers, cable news networks, internet news outlets, non profits, and churches. This would in turn place heavy restrictions on the rights of individuals who use media outlets to express opinions.

A newspaper columnist would still be free to express an opinion, but the newspaper would not be free to print it. A radio talk show host would be free to comment on issues of the day, but a radio network would not be free to broadcast it. A movie director would be free to express a vision that has a political element, but a movie studio would not have the right to produce that vision into a movie nor a theater the right to show it. People wanting to exercise their First Amendment rights would be reduced to handing out printed broadsheets or ranting on street corners.

Church run entities such as hospitals and schools which are resisting the Obama administration birth control mandate would now no longer have a constitutional basis to do so. Indeed, churches would no longer have the freedom to express religious doctrine of any kind.

According to CNS News, Pelosi claimed that the goal of the “People’s Rights Amendment” was to reduce the role of money in politics. That would seem to include money to buy newsprint, bandwidth, and video recording media.

The effect would be to effectively destroy the right to free expression and to institute a regime of fascism in the United States.

Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News with Class

Hollywood Wires is a new entertainment news site offering readers the latest celebrity gossip and news on their favorite stars in the amazing world of show business with class and accuracy.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2012 is changing the way movie stars are covered in the news, delivering celebrity gossip and entertainment news with class.

The stars that make up Hollywood in the movies, TV and in the music business have it hard enough without a reporter or paparazzi tracking down their every move. Hollywood Wires keeps up on what the stars are doing and brings readers the latest entertainment news without hurting anyone unless they deserve it.

Times have changed from the days of celebrity gossip that was all the rage with all sorts of back-stabbing hardcore gossip on the stars of Hollywood years ago, which didn’t do anything but cause pain for celebrities and their families whether it was true or not.

There isn’t another destination on the web like Hollywood Wires, which reports from all over the world for visitors at one easy web address. Keeping up on the life of celebrities is no easy job with the fast pace of the Internet.

These days readers want the real scoop, not some fabricated stories on actors, actresses and singers that the tabloids have gotten a reputation for running cover to cover. Hollywood Wires is making its name in the world of entertainment news by being informative and accurate.

Stars make their own way in the tough competitive world of Hollywood. A group of talented writers research and dig up the latest on stars all over the world for Hollywood Wires where you can get the latest news on show business, keep up with your favorite stars and whose in and who is out of show business.

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Reader road test: Anti-ageing serum

Mums can be pretty, says Portman

Hair’s to Rihanna’s greatest looks

Ashley waxes on about brows

Reader road test: Anti-ageing serum

Saris and blusher at Miss India NZ

Liv Tyler gets beauty tips from dad

In my beauty bag: Laurie Foon

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Review: Antipodes Juliet Cleanser

How to: mastering liquid eyeliner

Is pastel hair right for you?

Ditch the fake tan – it’s autumn

The costly business of hairdressing

How to simplify your nail routine

World News Wants to Talk to You

PHOTO: Are You a Super Mom Needing a Little Help to Get Through the Day?

Are you a super mom juggling kids, a job, a husband and everything else? Do you sometimes rely on medication like Adderall, Ritalin or Provigil to get through the day?

If so, ABC News would like to talk to you in confidence. Please send us your story and your contact information, and a World News producer may get in touch with you.

This conversation would not be for broadcast or publication.

Dotcom trial may not occur – Judge

Tech Universe: Monday 24 April

SHARK EYE: One problem in West Australia is the number of people killed by sharks. Technicians in Perth, Australia, have… More

Getting Into Kindergarten Ain't What It Used To Be

I’ve been trying to remember kindergarten.

It comes back in hazy flashes.

The room was bright and loud and bursting with high-pitched energy. The teacher was always screaming for quiet. The class was made up of mommy-missing, thumb-sucking, crayon-chewing, room-wandering, nose-picking antsy 5-year-olds, along with the occasional pant load.

There was no entrance exam.

To get in you had to be from the neighborhood and had all your shots.

Kindergarten has changed.

I was just reading a story in The New York Times about the intense competition there now exists to get kids into one of the city’s “gifted and talented kindergartens.”

In my kindergarten, the gifted and talented kids were the ones who could drink milk and make it come out of their nose.

Apparently, this is no longer enough.

To win admittance to one of NYC’s exclusive kindergartens, you have to score in the 90th percentile on a test.

It’s unclear whether an essay, an interview or letters of recommendations from nursery-school teachers are also required.

The test itself is short on measuring such talents as singing the alphabet or coloring between the lines, and more into things like pictorial reasoning:

“A road is to a car as a track is to a … ?”

Hmm …

OK, if I was taking the test I’d probably skip that one and come back to it later if I had time.

Parents are often on a mission to see that their gifted-and talented offspring get into a gifted and talented kindergarten. After all, if a child doesn’t get into the right kindergarten, he or she will never get into the right first grade

To prepare their kids for the kindergarten entrance exam, many parents buy pricey study guides and even hire tutors.

I assume that kids begin looking around for a kindergarten during their junior year of nursery school.

They probably visit kindergartens with their parents and then apply to several. After that they breathlessly check the mail every day to see if they get the fat (accepted) or skinny (rejected or wait listed) letter.

I’m sure most kids have a safety kindergarten, just in case.

Anyway, as far as “A road is to a car as a track is to a … ?” I’m going with suit.


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