Google announces cloud-computing service

Google has announced Compute Engine, a cloud-computing service that
allows businesses to run their applications on servers in the tech
giant’s data center.

“We’re introducing Google Compute Engine, an
infrastructure-as-a-service product that lets you run Linux Virtual
Machines on the same infrastructure that powers Google,” said Google in
its official blog Thursday.

According to the company, the economy
of scale and efficiency of its data centers can provide users 50 percent
more computing power than other leading cloud providers, reported

Industry watchers said Google Compute Engine will compete
and challenge the leading position of Amazon Web Services, which was
launched in July, 2002.

Google has been building a huge amount of data centers to support its own services and applications over the last decade.

2008, it started to open up its infrastructure to outside developers
and businesses, launching services like Google App Engine to allow users
to build applications and websites, and store and analyze data on its

Also Thursday, Google introduced Chrome web browser for
Apple’s iOS platform, offline editing for Google Docs and retail selling
of Chromebooks at Best Buy.