Content Curation Software Company, XYDO, Launches New Website

XYDO launches website that promises a lasting solution to the process of gathering and sharing 3rd party content for businesses.

Park City, Utah (PRWEB) July 25, 2012 Long gone are the days of browsing through numerous Internet news sites, endlessly searching the web for something interesting to read and share. With the launch of XYDO’s (pronounced zy-doo) new website, the future of discovering and sharing Internet news is here. Utilizing a consumer-oriented web platform, the user (rather than the news site) decides what is newsworthy and what is better left in a pile under last week’s paper.

Founded by Eric Roach (founder and former CEO of Lombard Brokerage, former Executive VP of Morgan Stanley, former CEO of Elance, and founder of Roach Capital Partners) and co-founded by Cameron Brain (founder and former CEO of Bicycle Parts and, XYDO is a web-based content curation tool that customizes its users’ news-gathering experience based on their personal preferences and business fields. A socially savvy platform, XYDO connects users to their social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter, incorporating users’ likes and dislikes into the filtering process to offer the most relevant news from trustworthy sources. It is this brand of social curation, as well as XYDO’s ability to elevate news articles based on popularity and ranking, that puts XYDO a cut above its competitors.

“We have a lot of changes to our system following our website launch that make sharing curated content even more simple!” says Cameron Brain, co-founder of XYDO.

With topics ranging from accounting to web design, XYDO lets its users choose from a vast array of topics that pique their interest. It also allows users to share articles they find most interesting with their customers, colleagues, and friends. Part of this personalization process involves giving users the freedom to change article headings, insert images, or add comments, as desired. Businesses are already jumping on board to add value to their content marketing strategies and to simplify their process of e-mail marketing by using XYDO to provide their customers with the most up-to-date information in their specified industries.

By helping users save time and providing a user-friendly website layout, XYDO is the answer that companies are looking for to streamline their process of gathering and sharing Internet content.

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