ARLINGTON, Texas, April 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grooming can improve more than a dog’s looks, especially as the weather begins to heat up. According to Dr. Roy Gully of Gully Animal Hospital, a clinic offering dog grooming in Arlington, it can provide significant health and wellness benefits, from detection of skin conditions to possible prevention of heat stroke in shaggier or more heat-sensitive animals. “We want people to know that regular veterinary grooming and wellness checks can help their dogs feel more comfortable and enjoy a lifetime of better health,” Dr. Gully says.

Grooming encompasses a variety of procedures aimed at improving a hygiene, health, and comfort level. These services typically including bathing, brushing and trimming of hair, cleaning of the ears and face, nail trimming and other essentials. Gully Animal Hospital relies on the services of three experienced staff groomers, Brandy Boren, Cynthia Tilotta, and Cassandra Willenburg.

“Keeping groomers on staff at the veterinary facility means that they can alert us to any health issues that may turn up during a grooming sessions,” says Dr. Gully. “This makes the grooming sessions an invaluable part of wellness care.” He explains that routine bathing or hair trimming, for example, can reveal fleas, skin tumors or dermatitis, all of which require veterinary attention. Similarly, inspection and cleaning of the ears can alert the groomers to the presence of mites or other pests. The vet team can then prescribe the appropriate medications or other treatments to cope with the issue.

Bathing also removes oils and dead skin cells that attract bacteria, while brushing and trimming remove matted clumps of hair that can cause the pet discomfort. Dr. Gully adds that nail trimming is another grooming measure that can help ensure pet health. Nails that are overgrown can be prone to catching, cracking, or tearing away from the cuticle, leading to painful toes and possible complications such as bacterial infection.

The approach of warmer weather makes grooming an even more urgent matter. “Dogs covered with shaggy coats can really suffer when it gets hot,” notes Dr. Gully, “and in the worst case scenario, they can succumb to heat stroke.”

Heat stroke is a condition in which excessive heat, coupled with insufficient shade and/or water, causes an animal’s body temperature to swing out of control. This condition can easily prove fatal. “Some breeds face a greater risk of heat stroke than others,” says the veterinarian, citing dogs who sport double coats or especially thick hair as examples. The groomers can perform shaves or cuts that provide much-needed comfort and cooling. “Arlington can get really hot, so we frequently recommend this procedure to help pets beat the heat,” he says.

In addition to dog grooming, Gully Animal Hospital provides emergency care, dental work, surgical treatment, pet boarding and routine preventative wellness care.