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Dear Readers,
We need to ask for your help again.

You may have already received an email from the ASPCA Advocacy Center about the pending Farm Bill in Congress if you have signed up for their alerts.

But it is such an important issue, we wanted to make sure all of our local animal advocates know about it and forward this request on to their friends.

Here’s the problem. The U.S. Senate and House have each passed their own versions of the Farm Bill, and soon a joint committee of senators and representatives will meet to iron out the differences and present one final bill.

One major difference between the Senate and House Farm Bills is that the House’s version contains a radical anti-animal provision known as the King Amendment. We need your help to make sure this provision is not part of the final bill.

Authored by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, the King Amendment is an unprecedented assault on states’ sovereign rights to pass laws that protect animals on farms, in puppy mills and elsewhere.

Even more alarming, the King Amendment could strike down many existing state animal cruelty laws, leaving some animals with no legal protections.

Please don’t delay – visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to contact your members of Congress in Washington, D.C., and ask them to urge their colleagues working on the final Farm Bill to strike the King Amendment.

In Oswego County, the House members to contact are:

Dan Maffei- 202-225-3701

Richard Hanna- 202-225-3665

If you are not sure which person represents you, the ASPCA page has links to help you with that.

Our Senators are:

Chuck Schumer – 202-224-6542

Kirsten Gillibrand – 202-224-4451

Remember that phone calls are much more effective than mass emails!

Thanks for your help on behalf of animals everywhere!

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