Total Divas MatchWWE

You don’t mess with a wrestling veteran or an entertainment news host…


That’s what Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Eva Marie learned at SummerSlam this past weekend. In their largely anticipated Axxess match against WWE Diva Natalya (also known as Nattie on Total Divas) and EXTRA host Maria Menounos, no one held back.


How did a journalist end up getting in the ring with a bunch of WWE Divas? Maria’s been a fan of wrestling for a long time and after giving her support to Nattie over social media, a Twitter fight with The Bella Twins ensued and a challenge was accepted.


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Total Divas MatchWWE

Things got ugly really fast: Maria quickly learned that harsh words over Twitter don’t mean anything in the ring and she took some super hard hits and body slams.


In Eva Marie’s debut performance, she got to go head-to-head with Maria and the Diva veteran. She strolled out in a sexy white costume that looked quite tight. But it’s fitting didn’t get in the way of her throwing down in the ring and she got some good hits in.


After lots of hair pulls, flips, pins and body slams, Nattie and Maria ended up the victors and won the match! This continues Maria’s winning streak and proves that Maria can hold her own against WWE Divas. Brie’s not too happy about that…


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