Whedon: Avengers isn’t perfect

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Joss Whedon isn’t too bothered that Avengers Assemble wasn’t perfect

Joss Whedon has revealed that he is proud of Avengers Assemble, despite its “imperfections”.

The filmmaker, who’s working on the sequel, Age Of Ultron, admitted that he is glad he achieved making a film he always dreamt of.

“When I think of a great film, I think of something that’s either structured so perfectly like The Matrix or made so lovingly like The Godfather Part II. There was haphazardness in the way it comes together – not just the people, but the scenes,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“I don’t think you’d look at it and go, ‘This is a model of perfect structure.’ You’d go, ‘This is working.’ I like it.

The 49-year-old added: “I’m proud of it and I like its imperfections. The thing I cared most about – making a summer movie like the ones from my childhood – is the thing that I pulled off.”

Joss has used his experience on Avengers Assemble to make some tweaks to his approach on the follow-up.

“I want to be clearer about how I engage the audience, and where I take them. I want more control visually, more time to prep it,” he said.

“There’s only so much you can do when you’re making a summer film when the ball is already rolling as fast as it was when I got in. Why do it again if you can’t do it better?”

Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson are all expected to reprise their superhero roles for the movie, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in talks for roles. James Spader will play villain Ultron.

Production is set to get under way in London in March 2014, with the film to be released in May 2015.

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