Kendra Wilkinson says she’s done with having children after this pregnancy

Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson dished to Life Style that after she gives birth, she is done having children.

Wilkinson, who is currently 28-years-old, shared to Life Style that her goal is to have her tubes tied by the age of 30.

“I’m trying to tie my tubes!” Wilkinson revealed. “My doctors say I’m too young. But I am extremely done; I want no more!”

Wilkinson also dished on the state of her current pregnancy. While she is pregnant with a girl, she shared that her current pregnancy has been different than her first.

“This pregnancy has been a lot harder than my Lil’ Hank’s,” she shared.

She has already taken other measures, including a health kick, which was a different approach that she took when she was first pregnant with her first born, Hank, now 4.

“I went from being completely unhealthy [to healthy] the first time, and this time I’m considering vegan!” she said.

Wilkinson is expecting her daughter this May.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.