Norman Animal Welfare Hosts March Pet Health Event

NORMAN, Oklahoma –

The Norman Animal Welfare Center and the Friends of the Animals of Norman will host a pet health event this Saturday in Cleveland County.

The March for Health Event will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 1 at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 615 E. Robinson, in Norman.

Dogs are required to be on leashes, and cats must be in carriers.

The event features services including vaccinations, micro-chips and heartworm prevention.

Pet services available at the event:

Micro-chip – $25

Rabies (1 year) – $5

Rabies (3 years) – $10

Those looking to for their animals to receive a 3-year rabies vaccine must present proof – tag or certificate – of a prior 1-year rabies vaccination.

Physical Exams with Report Card – $25

Heartworm Testing – $20

A limited supply of heartworm prevention will be available for pets testing negative for heart worms.

General De-worming – $5

Nail Trim – $10

City Pet License (Altered) – $8

City Pet License (Unaltered) – $16

A 50 percent discount will be offered to individuals 65 and older.

Kennel Cough Vaccination – $15

Distemper Parvo Vaccination – $20

Leptospirosis Vaccination – $5

Feline Distemper Vaccination – $20

Feline Leukemia Vaccination – $20

Discount for both Feline Distemper and Leukemia Vaccinations – $35