Orlando Bloom swings at Justin Bieber; Allison Williams to play Peter Pan; more

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Wednesday’s entertainment news is headlined by a throw down between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in Spain.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a fight while at the same restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, on Wednesday night. Bloom apparently took a swing at the Biebs.

Katy Perry is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, where she talks about, among other things, Kim Kardashian.

Speaking of Kim Kardashian… The reality star is upset at actress/singer Adrienne Bailon, ex-girlfriend of Kardashian’s brother Rob, for comments Bailon recently made about Rob’s infidelities during their relationship.

Katie Holmes reportedly has optioned the rights to “All We Had,” a novel by Annie Weatherwax.

Allison Williams, who stars on HBO’s comedy “Girls,” will play the title role in NBC’s upcoming live presentation of “Peter Pan.” Christopher Walken has already been announced as Captain Hook.

Beyoncé has posted a shout out of sorts to her husband Jay Z on Instagram. The photo has some suggesting its Beyonce’s way of combating recent divorce rumors.

Life & Style: Wonderful Window Boxes


By Leslie Linsley


(July 28, 2014)
Can you resist taking a photograph of a perfectly-gorgeous window
box? I can’t. Even though I’ve lived on Nantucket for most of my
life I never take the window boxes for granted. They are a picture
just waiting to be found. Now that we all take pictures with our
phones it’s so easy when we pass a box brimming with summer
flowers. Right now, on my street, Union, every house seems to have a
window box or two, all vying for best in show. This is a great focal
point for your vacation here.


What flowers seem to work best in a
window box? I took my own very casual survey and discovered that
petunias mostly hang over the edges, drooping down and multiplying
when deadheaded regularly. Geraniums and impatiens, while commonplace
here, make a great show. I am partial to lobilia in that gorgeous
deep marine-blue color. It also comes in white. Right now they’re
doing really well in an old blue tin I found at a yard sale and
secured to the side of my house. I am not a garden expert so I stick
to the flowers that I know best and seem to work from year to year.


Years ago when I was the craft editor
for Family Circle magazine I did a lot of craft projects with
window boxes. One year I spray-painted several metal boxes white and
stenciled the names of the plants on the front. One held basil,
another parsley and a third rosemary. I used large stencil letters
and green acrylic paint. Another box held a row of pink geraniums and
I used pink paint for the letters on that one.


Stenciling is an easy craft for anyone
to do and it’s a lot of fun to create unusual items with just a
small design. You can even stencil market-umbrella covers. Think
whales, the shape of the island, a hydrangea, or your family name.
How fun would that be? For inspiration check out my Nantucket Name
umbrellas in home furnishings at Marine Home Center. You might
stencil your own with the place names on the island like Madaket,
Sconset, Monomoy or Cisco for an afternoon project. Here are the



Masking tape

Stencil brush or a sponge brush

Acrylic paint in chosen colors



Window box, can be wood or metal

Spray paint



1. Paint item to be
stenciled. Spray paint will give you a nice smooth background.


2. If you are
stenciling a word, use a pencil and ruler to draw a line where you
will place each letter.


3. Tape the first
stencil letter on the line on the front of the window box.


4. Squirt a small
amount of acrylic paint on newsprint and dip brush into paint.


5. Wipe off excess
so your brush is almost dry.


6. Hold the stencil
down with one hand and pounce the paint brush onto the cut-out
stencil area. Do this with a light tapping motion. Do not overload
with paint as it will seep under the stencil and you won’t have a
nice clean outline. The idea is to apply the paint very lightly with
two or three coats rather than one gloppy one.


7. Peel stencil away
and let each letter dry before doing the next (it takes minutes) so
you won’t smear the one you just did.

It’s as easy as
that! Once dry, the acrylic paint is permanent and you can leave the
window box outdoors without fear of having it wash off in the rain.

Other Ideas for
Window Boxes


• Stencil each family member’s name
on a box to hold their “stuff” like suntan lotion, sunglasses,
keys, etc. It’s a great way to get organized.


• Use it to hold
desk items.


• Use another for
sewing supplies.


• Use one to hold
fruit. Spray paint it yellow or orange and fill with lemons and


• Use in the pantry
for onions.


• Fill with picnic
utensils and stencil “Picnic” on the front with each letter in a
different color.


• Use for a
centerpiece filled with glasses holding cut flowers. Stencil your
family name or NANTUCKET on the front in blue.


• Use in the closet
to hold sox, underwear or costume jewelry.


• Use to hold small
toys in a child’s closet.


• Use to organize
accessories for your guests in the guest bedroom: reading material,
map, water bottle, etc.



For up-to-the-minute information on Nantucket’s breaking news, boat and plane cancellations, weather alerts, sports and entertainment news, deals and promotions at island businesses and more, Sign up for Inquirer and Mirror text alerts. Click Here.

US follows EU in setting new sanctions targeting Russian economy

Barack Obama has joined the European Union in sharply escalating economic pressure on Moscow for its ongoing support of Ukranian separatists in the wake of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

The latest American measures targeted major sectors of the Russian economy, including weapons, energy and finance. Three large banks – VTB Bank OAO, Bank of Moscow and the Russian Agricultural Bank – were cut off from the US economy.

“Today, Russia is once again isolating itself from the international community, setting back decades of genuine progress,” the president said.

But Obama denied that the US had turned the clock back to the Soviet era in its relations with Russia. “It’s not a new cold war. What it is is a very specific issue related to Russia’s unwillingness to recognize that Ukraine can chart its own path,” Obama said on Tuesday, hours after the European Union enacted new sanctions on the Russians.

The EU decided that Moscow had not fulfilled the conditions laid down by foreign ministers last week, to stop the supply of arms to the rebels and provide full cooperation in the investigation into the shooting down of flight MH17. It announced a series of measures against sectors of the Russian economy that amounted to its most punitive sanctions since the end of the cold war.

Officials in Washington said that Russia continued to supply armored vehicles and artillery, including air defence systems and rockets, to their separatist proxies in Ukraine that have wrested control of much of south and east of the country from the government in Kiev, which is supported by the EU and the US.

While the US continues to stop short of providing the Ukrainian military with lethal aid, Obama administration officials said that the latest round of sanctions would build upon $100m-worth of capital flight already seen in the months since Russia annexed Crimea and would prevent Russia from making technological leaps necessary for future energy development.

“We have seen sanctions bring the Russian economy to a standstill through a large and broad-based deterioration of Russian financial assets; capital flight that already exceeds all of last year; and a significant increase in Russian borrowing costs,” the US Treasury secretary, Jack Lew, said in a statement.

Lew said that the US could impose additional sanctions if Vladimir Putin did not deescalate the conflict.

A senior US official told reporters that the new wave of sanctions were the “sectoral sanctions” that Washington has threatened to enact for months, indicating that the joint action with Europe could be the strongest economic gambit the transatlantic allies possess against Moscow.

“We will certainly want the impact of these sanctions to sink in and to test Russia’s willingness and capacity to take the path of deescalation,” the official said, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, a custom of the Obama administration.

“We always have additional sanctions available to us, but I think this a very significant step that you’ve heard us describe as the United States and Europe moving into sectoral sanctions together.”

The president of the European council, Herman Van Rompuy, and the head of the European commission, José Manuel Barroso, issued a joint statement describing the EU measures as a strong warning that “Illegal annexation of territory and deliberate destabilisation of a neighbouring sovereign country could not be accepted in 21st-century Europe“.

“When the violence created spirals out of control and leads to the killing of almost 300 innocent civilians in their flight from the Netherlands to Malaysia, the situation requires urgent and determined response,” they said. “The European Union will fulfil its obligations to protect and ensure the security of its citizens. And the European Union will stand by its neighbours and partners.”

According to an EU official, the most important measure agreed was to deny Russian state-owned banks access to European capital markets. Under the agreed sanctions, Europeans will not be permitted to buy debt, equity or other financial instruments with a maturity higher than 90 days in Russian state-owned banks or their subsidiaries. Brokering or other services linked to any such transactions will also banned.

Any trade in arms and “related material” with Russia, both import and export, will be banned but the embargo will apply to future contracts only, and therefore would not affect the €1.2bn sale of two French Mistral helicopter carrier ships already agreed. Russia imports relatively few arms from the EU, but sells Europe weapons worth more than €3bn.

Certain technologies related to the energy industry will require specific prior authorisation, and export permits will not be given for exploration or production equipment for deep-water or Arctic drilling or for shale oil projects in Russia.

Even as the Obama administration has recast its relationship with Russia – a warm one in Obama’s first term – it remains hopeful that Russia will cooperate with it on important foreign policy priorities, particularly pressing Iran on a deal to forego nuclear weapons.

Obama accordingly signalled that an easing of tensions was possible, but hinged on Russia’s commitment to back away from the violence that has destabilized Ukraine and killed nearly 300 people on board MH17.

“It didn’t have to come to this,” Obama said. “This is a choice that Russia and President Putin in particular has made. There continues to be a better choice, a choice of de-escalation, the choice of joining the world in a diplomatic solution to this situation, a choice in which Russia recognizes that it can be a neighbor and trading partner with Ukraine even as Ukraine is also developing ties with Europe and other parts of the world.”

The White House earlier welcomed the introduction of sectoral sanctions in Europe, a move it has been advocating for months. “The announcement that we anticipate later today from the Europeans is the culmination of months of diplomatic work that has been done by this administration,” said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary.

In London, a No 10 spokesman said the UK expected the Netherlands to publish the preliminary findings of its investigation into the crash of MH17 next week.

“In the Netherlands, the process for identifying and repatriating the victims continues and there are now 15 British police officers working as part of a 200-strong team to complete the process as swiftly as possible,” the spokesman said.

“The prime minister underlined the need for a strong international response to Russia’s ongoing efforts to destabilise Ukraine, noting that the EU should agree a package of sectoral sanctions today and that Europe must be willing to pursue further tough measures if Russia does not change course.”

Best of Breed: Barking Up a Storm for Petplan’s Annual Veterinary Awards

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Newtown Square, PA (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Does your pet have a two-legged best friend at your veterinary clinic? Do you work with an outstanding veterinary technician, practice manager or receptionist? Do you know a very special pet parent who would give their right paw for furry friends? Recognize them by nominating them for a 2015 Veterinary Award!

Petplan – North America’s best-loved pet insurance provider – is now seeking nominations for the 2015 awards, which honor the dedicated and exceptional pet health heroes who make purr-fect care their daily mission, and provide paw-sitively outstanding customer service to furry friends and their families.

More than 1,400 nominations have been submitted so far, but with one month to go Petplan is hoping to collar even more positively paw-some nominees for the 2015 awards!

All American and Canadian pet parents – including vets and their staff – are encouraged to nominate their pet’s favorite health heroes in the following categories:

  •     Veterinarian of the Year
  •     Veterinary Technician of the Year
  •     Practice Manager of the Year
  •     Veterinary Practice of the Year
  •     Veterinary Receptionist of the Year (new for 2015!)
  •     Pet Parent of the Year (new for 2015!)

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a nomination will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a $50 PetSmart gift card – that’s a lot of kibble!

“As pet parents, we know just how important our vets and all their staff members are to keeping our furry family members healthy and happy,” says Petplan co-founder and co-CEO Natasha Ashton. “With our new Veterinary Receptionist of the Year Award, we’re very excited to be shining a much-deserved spotlight on the hardworking people who are often the first point of contact for pet parents when they visit their vet.”

Thanks to an inspired paw-tnership with Modern Dog magazine, Petplan is also now offering a Pet Parent of the Year award. This new award offers friends and family a purr-fect opportunity to share the “tails” of pet parents who go above and beyond for their four-legged family members.

Finalists in all categories (as well as the winning Pet Parent of the Year, to be announced in advance) will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Orlando to attend the Veterinary Awards Gala at the Four Seasons in January 2015, held in concert with the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC). Winners will also receive prizes valued at more than $2,000 – including a $1,000 donation to the pet charity of their choice.

Nominations are open through midnight on August 31, 2014, and can be submitted at GoPetplan.com/VetAwards. Updates and full information are available through Petplan’s Facebook page, Vets for Pets blog and monthly fetch! health newsletter.


Petplan is more than a pet insurance company. We’re dedicated to providing pet parents with the support, resources and tools they need to keep their pets not just surviving—and thriving—into their old age. Simply put, we aim to be the kind of company that will make our pets proud.

Petplan is the only pet insurance company to have been included on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in America for two years in a row. Petplan’s fully customizable dog insurance and cat insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for all hereditary and chronic conditions for the life of the pet as standard.

Petplan pet insurance policies are underwritten by AGCS Marine Insurance Company in the U.S. and by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company in Canada. The Allianz Group was rated A+ by A.M. Best in 2012. For more information about Petplan pet insurance, visit http://www.gopetplan.com, read the Petplan Vets for Pets blog, or call 1-866-467-3875.

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Entertainment News: 66th Annual Emmy Awards

(CBS)- Hollywood is gearing up for the 66th Annual Emmy Awards.  Several nominees attended a cocktail reception last night including Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Allison Janney.  First time Emmy nominee Billy Bob Thorton is nominated for Fargo.  This year’s Emmys will be held earlier than usual in August instead of September and it is on a Monday night instead of Sunday.

(CNN)- The first trailer for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One has hit the internet. The clip shows the beginning of District 13’s uprising against the capital with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss becoming the face of the rebellion.  Fans also got a first glimpse of Julianne Moore’s President Coin, and Natalie Dormer’s Cressida.  The movie is slated for release November 21.

(CNN)- Justin Bieber made one young fan’s wish come true Sunday night. Variety reports the singer took a 10 year old cancer patient with him to the Young Hollywood Awards.  Bieber was presented with the “Champ of Charity” award for granting a record 226 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Kalamazoo's wealth of autism services attracts families seeking help

KALAMAZOO, MI — In April 2012, Jessica and Allan Macaulay and their three children moved to Portage from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when their son, John Anthony, became the first resident of the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research.

The center now treats 12 children and is at full capacity in the intensive treatment program.

Another son, Joel, is enrolled in a school program for children whose autism is not as severe, she said.

And a friend of the Macaulays followed in their footsteps, also moving from the Upper Peninsula to an apartment with her son with autism so that he could benefit from services offered by Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency at the Parchment School District.

They are part of a movement of parents who have come to the Kalamazoo area from other cities and states to have access to services they may not find elsewhere, said Richard Malott.

MORE: Autism diagnosis bottleneck leaving children stranded

Malott, a professor of psychology at Western Michigan University, is part of the reason Kalamazoo County has become a magnet for families faced with the challenges of autism.

“Someone once said we are the Vatican of autism” therapy, he quipped.

Malott’s WMU students work one-on-one with children with autism, providing intensive behavioral therapy for up to 40 hours a week, he said, as part of their own training to become behavioral therapists.

“This isn’t an hour-a-week thing,” he said.

The therapy WMU students provide “is not a miracle cure in any sense,” Malott said. “But the earlier the intervention, the more hours per week of high quality help we provide, the greater the impact, so that all kids and families benefit.”

Many students who receive that help reach adulthood with few symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Scott Schrum, chief executive for the Great Lakes Center that John Anthony attended, said that with 30 hours a week of early intensive behavioral intervention, half of the children with a diagnosis of autism can live a life as though they don’t have autism, and another 40 percent can make significant improvements.

“It’s not magic, but the kids come in at 2, 3 or 4 (years old) and they have no language, it’s all squeals and tantrums, or they may just sit and flap their hands,” Malott said. “We have pretty good luck in helping them acquire a little or a lot of language,” or learn to play with other children.

MORE: Autism contacts and resources in Kalamazoo area

Malott’s students work with children in Kalamazoo County public schools; he also was a founder of the Kalamazoo Autism Center, a program that brings the same intensive behavioral intervention for autistic children who need more than the half day of work the free school programs provide.

When he began working with KRESA, Malott said, neither he nor his students had any particular experience with students with autism.

“Now we have a lot of experience,” he said, and the program has grown to help about 60 preschoolers, with eight graduate students and 30-40 undergraduates doing the one-on-one work. The level of expertise now is very impressive,” Malott said. “The quality is amazing.”

The need continues to grow.

Laurie Montgomery, assistant superintendent of special education for KRESA, said that in the 2012-2013 school year, 9.7 percent of KRESA special education students — 429 children — were identified with ASD, up from 7.6 percent in 2007-2008, 8.56 percent in 2008-2009, and 9.3 percent in 2011-2012. The state average for 2012-2013 was 7.9 percent. 

Statewide, the Michigan Department of Education shows that in 1990, 1,203 children from birth to age 26 identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder were receiving special education services; by January, 2011, 15,976 ASD children were receiving services.

Whatever their ages or degree of disability, from preschool through adulthood, it seems Kalamazoo County has programs to help.

Even people with autism who have grown out of services provided by schools and treatment centers may find help at programs such as  AACORN Farm — Autism Agricultural Community Option for Residential Needs, a 2-acre farming operation in Kalamazoo worked by adults with autism.

Stephanie Peterson, chairwoman of the department of psychology at Western Michigan University, praised the quality of Malott’s work in the classroom for children with autism at WoodsEdge Learning Center in Portage (and Croyden Ave School before that).

That level of quality led to a recent allocation of $4 million from the state of Michigan for use in WMU’s work related to autism spectrum disorder, funding that will help train more therapists and expand access to services, Malott said.

“That need is going to explode over next few years” because of an increased availability of health insurance, he said. Many policies require that therapy be supervised by a board certified behavioral analyst, and WMU stands ready to provide them.

“We are really fortunate in Southwest Michigan that our psychology department at WMU is one of the premier programs in the U.S. and internationally for behavioral analysis,” Peterson said.

Still, even here, with a wealth of options, managing their children’s needs is often a full time undertaking for families.

John Anthony graduated from the residential treatment program while his family’s insurance policy still covered treatment, Macaulay said. But her husband has a new job now, and the current policy does not cover the extensive therapy she would love for John Anthony to receive.

He does qualify for in-home help through Kalamazoo County Community Mental Health, Macaulay said, but because the county does not contract with an agency to provide such help it is up to parents to advertise, hire and manage paperwork.

Also, Medicaid only pays for intensive therapy through age 6. Joel Macauley is 8, so he does not receive the social behavioral therapy that could help him, she said.

To help families like the Macauleys manage resources, WMU has teamed up with the Autism Alliance of Michigan and will use a $500,000 grant from the state to develop a navigator project to guide parents through “the quagmire of things that need to happen,” Peterson said. Advice could include how to find a doctor, how to assess research information they read online, how to work with insurance companies.

“I think it would be amazing, and could help a lot of parents,” Macauley said. When her son was younger “I called, and called, and called,” she said, seeking advice and information. “I was really lucky to be put in touch with the right people.”

Still, she said, “it took a lot of work to get here, too. We changed our whole lifestyle, sold our farm, moved away from family and moved to a strange city.

“It’s been a sacrifice, but I would do it again in a minute.”

Contact Rosemary Parker at rparker3@ mlive.com.

Liberia: top doctor becomes latest Ebola victim

One of Liberia‘s most high-profile doctors has died of Ebola, a government official said on Sunday, and a second US healthcare worker has been infected in what the World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling the largest outbreak ever recorded of the disease.

Dr Samuel Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die in an outbreak, which the WHO says has killed 129 people in the west African nation. A Ugandan doctor working in the country died this month.

Brisbane, who once served as a medical adviser to the former Liberian president, Charles Taylor, was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country’s largest hospital, the John F Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia.

After falling ill, he was taken to a treatment centre on the outskirts of the capital, where he died, said Tolbert Nyenswah, an assistant health minister.Under the supervision of health workers, family members escorted the doctor’s body to a burial location west of the city, Nyenswah said.

He said another doctor who had been working in Liberia’s central Bong County was being treated for Ebola at the centre where Brisbane died.

The situation “is getting more and more scary,” Nyenswah said.

Last week Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor fell ill with the disease and in Liberia, Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian charity, announced at the weekend that an American doctor was infected. Dr Kent Brantly had been isolated at the group’s Ebola treatment centre at the ELWA hospital in the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

A second American, Nancy Writebol, later tested positive for the virus at the same medical compound, said Ken Isaacs, of Samaritan’s Purse. Isaacs said Writebol, who works with the allied aid group SIM, was in a stable but serious condition at a hospital near Monrovia.

Brantly received intensive treatment on Sunday and was talking to his medical team and working on his computer, said Melissa Strickland, a spokeswoman for Samaritan’s Purse.

“We are hopeful, but he is certainly not out of the woods yet,” Strickland said.

In Nigeria, officials announced on Friday that a Liberian official had died of Ebola after flying from Monrovia to Lagos raising fears that other passengers could take the disease beyond Africa. The WHO says the outbreak has also killed 319 people in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone.

Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, used her Independence Day address to discuss a new taskforce to combat Ebola. Information minister, Lewis Brown, said: “It will go from community to community, from village to village, from town to town in order to increase awareness.”

There is no known cure for Ebola, which begins with symptoms including fever and sore throat but then escalates to vomiting, diarrhoea and internal and external bleeding.

Experts believe the west African outbreak could have begun in January in south-east Guinea, though the first cases were not confirmed until March.

Since then, officials have tried to contain the disease by isolating victims and educating populations on how to avoid transmission, though porous borders, satellite outbreaks and widespread distrust of health workers have made the outbreak difficult to bring under control.

The Girl in Paolo Bediones’ Video Scandal

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Girl in Paolo Bediones Scandal


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    Sabi China Rocess daw tapos hindi nmn daw haha.. kung sino man sya goodluck hehe

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    mikaela monteverde ng baywalk bodies

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Entertainment News: "Late Show" stays in NYC

(CNN)- Big news for the Late Show.  CBS announced Wednesday the show will stay at the Ed Sullivan Theater when Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman in 2015.  Originally it was unclear if Colbert would host The Late Show from the West Coast.  CBS agreed to keep it in NYC after striking a favorable tax deal with the city.  Letterman has hosted his show from the historic theater for years. He has not yet announced a final show date.

(CBS)- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are teaming up again on screen.  According to the Hollywood reporter the A-list couple will co-star in the upcoming drama “By the Sea”.  The two will play husband and wife.  It will be their first pairing since 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

(CNN)- Glee actress Naya Rivera tied the knot over the weekend. People magazine reports the 27 year old married long time friend Ryan Dorsey in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  A small group of family members attended the ceremony.  The wedding comes just three months after Rivera’s engagement to rapper Big Sean ended.