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We were so sad to hear about the death of Leonard Nimoy.

But even as we mourn the loss of the Star Trek star, we must also celebrate his life.

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In addition to being Mr. Spock, Leonard was also an author, musician, and poet. He put this last skill to use in his last tweet Sunday night.

It would become a beautiful, serene, and tearful final message to fans. He tweeted:

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American atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

A prominent American blogger of Bangladeshi origin has been hacked to death with machetes by unidentified assailants in Dhaka, after he allegedly received threats from Islamists.

The body of Avijit Roy, founder of the Mukto-Mona (Free-mind) blog site – which champions liberal secular writing in the Muslim-majority nation – was found covered in blood after an attack that also left his wife critically wounded.

“He died as he was brought to the hospital. His wife was also seriously wounded. She has lost a finger,” local police chief Sirajul Islam said.

The couple were on a bicycle rickshaw, returning from a book fair, when two assailants stopped and dragged them on to the pavement before striking them with machetes, local media reported, citing witnesses.

Hundreds of protesters rallied in Dhaka to denounce the murder, chanting slogans including “we want justice” and “raise your voice against militants”.

Imran Sarker, the head of the Bangladesh bloggers’ association, said the protests would continue until those responsible were apprehended. “Avijit’s killing once again proved that there is a culture of impunity in the country,” Sarker told Agence France-Presse. “The government must arrest the killers in 24 hours or face non-stop protests.”

Roy, who was 42, is the second Bangladeshi blogger to have been murdered in two years and the fourth writer to have been attacked since 2004.

Hardline Islamist groups have long demanded the public killing of atheist bloggers and sought new laws to deal with writing critical of Islam.

“Roy suffered fatal wounds in the head and died from bleeding … after being brought to the hospital,” Dr Sohel Ahmed told reporters.

Avijit Roy’s wife, Rafida Ahmed Banna, is carried on a stretcher after being seriously injured by unidentified assailants. Roy founded a blog site which champions liberal secular writing in the Muslim majority nation.
Photograph: Rajib Dhar/AFP/Getty Images

Police have launched an inquiry and recovered the machetes used in the attack but could not confirm whether Islamists were behind the incident.

But Roy’s father said the writer, a US citizen, had received a number of “threatening” emails and messages on social media from hardliners unhappy with his writing. “He was a secular humanist and has written about 10 books,” Ajoy Roy told AFP.His most famous work was Biswasher Virus (Virus of Faith).

The Center for Inquiry, a US-based charity promoting free thought, said it was “shocked and heartbroken” by the brutal murder. “Dr Roy was a true ally, a courageous and eloquent defender of reason, science, and free expression, in a country where those values have been under heavy attack,” it said in a statement.

Social activists, bloggers and writers attend a protest demanding the arrest of Avijit Roy’s killer.
Photograph: Shariful Islam/Xinhua Press/Corbis

Roy’s killing also triggered strong condemnation from his fellow writers and publishers, who lamented the growing religious conservatism and intolerance in Bangladesh.

“The attack on Roy and his wife, Rafida Ahmed, is outrageous. We strongly protest this attack and are deeply concerned about the safety of writers,” said Sarker.

Pinaki Bhattacharya, a fellow blogger and friend of Roy, claimed one of the country’s largest online book retailers was being openly threatened for selling Roy’s books.

“In Bangladesh the easiest target is an atheist. An atheist can be attacked and murdered,” he wrote on Facebook.

A man cleans up blood at the site where Avijit Roy was killed.
Photograph: Shariful Islam/Xinhua Press/Corbis

Atheist blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was hacked to death in 2013 by members of a little-known Islamist militant group, triggering nationwide protests by tens of thousands of secular activists.

“The pattern of the killing appeared to be the same as that of previous attack on a celebrated writer,” said Shiblee Noman, assistant commissioner of Dhaka police. “It seems it was carried out by a reactionary fundamentalist group.”

After Haider’s death, Bangladesh’s hardline Islamist groups started to protest against other campaigning bloggers, calling a series of nationwide strikes to demand their deaths, accusing them of blasphemy.

The secular government of the Bangladeshi prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, reacted by arresting some atheist bloggers.

The government also blocked about a dozen websites and blogs to stem the furore over blasphemy, as well as stepping up security for the bloggers.

On Friday Sarker said: “Communal and militant groups have threatened the very spirit of our nation. Yet instead of crushing them, the government was keen on appeasing them by arresting secular bloggers.”

Noman said police were investigating a tweet by the pro-Islamist group Ansar Bangla Seven that appeared to celebrate Roy’s murder.

“Target Down here in Bangladesh,” the group tweeted from the @AnsarBn7 handle.

The US embassy to Bangladesh offered its condolences to Roy’s family and said it was providing consular assistance. Roy’s wife, who is also a blogger, was moved to a clinic for further treatment on Friday.

Bangladesh is the world’s fourth-largest Muslim majority nation with Muslims making up some 90 per cent of the country’s 160 million people.

A tribunal has recently handed down a series of verdicts against leading Islamists and others for crimes committed during the war of independence from Pakistan in 1971.

Peak Pharmaceuticals Contracts With GMP Compliant Manufacturer

BOULDER, CO–(Marketwired – Feb 26, 2015) – Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PKPH) (“Peak Pharma” or the “Company”), a growth stage company aiming to become a leader in the research, development, sales and marketing of safe, hemp-based, medicinal products and supplements for both humans and animals, today announced entry into a contract manufacturing relationship aimed at increasing capacity to meet growing demand for the Company’s Canna-Pet™ product lineup.

The manufacturer, who can’t be named at this time for commercial reasons, operates an FDA compliant “current good manufacturing practices” (cGMP) certified state-of-the art manufacturing facility and specializes in health and beauty products. The company has a track record in nutraceutical and supplement manufacturing, enabling its customers to scale production with minimal risk and without investment in capital intensive infrastructure.

Peak Pharmaceuticals President and CEO Dr. Soren Mogelsvang notes, “We are very pleased to join forces with this professional and experienced manufacturing team. We view this move as an important step forward for Peak Pharma at multiple levels. The use of an established manufacturer offers the infrastructure to scale beyond our current capacity, enabling us to meet the growing demand for our popular Canna-Pet™ animal health products, as well as the cGMP required for us to provide true pharma grade products. Furthermore, we plan to leverage this relationship to make our first pilot scale, cGMP-level, human products for testing and launch in the very near future. As we continue to execute our business plan and market expansion strategy, we remain committed to our mission to launch innovative products for the human health market, and to fulfil our vision to become the number one veterinarian recommended hemp product on the market today.”

Additional details of the Company’s business, finances, appointments and agreements can be found as part of the Company’s continuous public disclosure as a reporting issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) available at For more information please visit

About Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PKPH)
Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical-grade, hemp-based nutraceutical and supplement products for the human and animal health markets. The company aims to become a global leader in the research, development, sales and marketing of medicinal hemp and cannabinoid products. For more information visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Canna-Pet™ Products for Pet Health
Canna-Pet™ is one of the first cannabinoid (CBD) product designed specifically for cats and dogs. Available over-the-counter, Canna-Pet™ produces veterinarian recommended, legal, cannabidiol (CBD) products for animals, made from industrial hemp and manufactured in the USA. Canna-Pet® products contain not only CBD, but carefully controlled ratios of other cannabinoids and terpenes which make the products uniquely effective. Now available under an exclusive commercial license agreement with Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PKPH). For more information visit:

Safe Harbor Statement
Any statements contained in this press release that do not describe historical facts may constitute forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Any forward-looking statements contained herein are based on current expectations, but are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. The factors that could cause actual future results to differ materially from current expectations include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties relating to the availability of additional funding; the early-stage nature of the industry sector; regulatory changes affecting the sale, transport or consumption of Cannabidiol or hemp based products by humans or animals; commercial impacts to the Company’s business, related agreements, product development, marketing and distribution plans and strategies. These and other factors are identified and described in more detail in the Company’s filings with the SEC, including, the Company’s current reports on Form 8-K. The Company does not undertake to update these forward-looking statements. FDA Disclosure: The statements in this news release have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products and statements mentioned in this release are not intended for humans, or to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Taraji P. Henson: I’m not ghetto fabulous

More unidentified drones spotted over Paris landmarks – The Malaysian Insider

– Reuters pic, February 25, 2015.Unidentified drones flew over Paris for a second consecutive night, police said on Wednesday, in the latest mystery appearance of unmanned aircraft over the French capital at a time of high security. The latest sightings follow a series of incidents at French atomic plants last year and, more recently, drones have been seen over the presidential palace and a bay in Brittany that houses nuclear submarines. Authorities have been left scratching their heads as they remain unable to catch any of the operators or determine whether the flyovers are malicious in nature, at a time of high vigilance after last month’s deadly Paris attacks. A police source told AFP that witnesses and security forces reported at least five incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday over central Paris.

Scientists Reveal the Perfect Lash Length

Women often go to great lengths (pun intended) to gain the most perfect, curly, long eyelashes using mascara, fake eyelashes, and even treatments like Latisse. Now scientists have revealed the perfect lash length, proving that more isn’t always better.

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According to a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the best length for eyelashes is one-third the width of their eye. Anything shorter or longer increases airflow around the eye and leads to more dust hitting the surface.

Hollywood starlets might use many devices to seem more easy on the eyes, but it appears that nature got things right. Researchers found that 22 species of mammals – including humans, hedgehogs and giraffes, but excluding elephants – follow the one-third rule.

“Eyelashes form a barrier to control airflow and the rate of evaporation on the surface of the cornea,” lead author Guillermo Amador, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, said in a news release. “When eyelashes are shorter than the one-third ratio, they have only a slight effect on the flow. Their effect is more pronounced as they lengthen up until one-third. After that, they start funneling air and dust particles into the eye.”

So how did scientists figure out what constitutes the perfect eyelashes? They built a wind tunnel about two feet tall, complete with a makeshift eye, of course.

A 4-millimeter deep, 20-millimeter diameter aluminum dish represented the cornea. It sat on top of an acrylic plate, which imitated the rest of the human face. Mesh surrounded the dish to serve as the eyelashes. During the study, they changed the mesh length while paying attention to evaporation and particle deposition.

“As short lashes grew longer, they reduced air flow, creating a layer of slow-moving air above the cornea,” explained researcher David Hu. “This kept the eye moist for a longer time and kept particles away. The majority of air essentially hit the eyelashes and rolled away from the eye.”

However, longer lashes extended further into the airflow and created a cylinder, leading to faster evaporation.

“This is why long, elegant, fake eyelashes aren’t ideal,” said Amador. “They may look good, but they’re not the best thing for the health of your eyes.”

Researchers hope their findings can one day lead to eyelash-inspired filaments to protect solar panels, photographic sensors, or autonomous robots in dusty environments.

For more great nature science stories and general news, please visit our sister site, Headlines and Global News (HNGN).

Illinois Veterinarian Named Best in the Nation by Pets Best

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Dr. Mary Felt accepts her award from Pets Best at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Mary Felt (center) receives her award from Pets Best president Chris L. Middleton (left) and Pets Best founder Dr. Jack Stephens (right).

Veterinarians can make a significant difference in the lives of pets and their owners, and Dr. Felt exemplifies this through her many efforts to help animals in need.

Boise, ID (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet health insurance agency, has named Dr. Mary Felt as the nation’s best veterinarian of 2014. Dr. Felt, who treats animals at the DuPage Animal Hospital in Villa Park, Illinois, took home the top honors of the 2014 My Vet’s the Best contest, which featured more than 20 finalists from across the country.

Developed by Pets Best to recognize outstanding veterinarians who go above and beyond to keep pets healthy, the 2014 contest culminated with a presentation at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. During the event, Dr. Jack Stephens, founder and director of Pets Best, announced Dr. Felt as the winner of the coveted 2014 My Vet’s the Best title and presented the veterinarian with a check for $1,000 to support her charitable work. Dr. Felt plans to use her $1,000 winnings to help organizations such as Yorkie Rescue and Making Our Pugs Safe (MOPS) Pug Rescue, two groups she works with frequently.

“Veterinarians can make a significant difference in the lives of pets and their owners, and Dr. Felt exemplifies this through her many efforts to help animals in need,” Stephens said. “Pets Best is committed to recognizing veterinarians for the time and energy they invest in their work.”

Dr. Felt discovered she wanted to be a veterinarian at the age of 6. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has practiced veterinary medicine for 20 years. Her interests include internal medicine, and caring for shelter animals.

Dr. Felt is the primary care provider for the dogs with the Elmhurst and Villa Park police departments. In addition, she recently provided free care for a U.S. Army captain’s dog while he was away on deployment. When she isn’t at work taking care of the community’s pets, she enjoys karate, running, spending time with family, reading, biking, hiking, travel, walking her dogs and volunteering at her kids’ school.

In 2010, Pets Best became the nation’s first pet insurance agency to develop a contest aimed at recognizing the country’s best veterinarians. Each year, hundreds of veterinarians receive nominations from grateful pet owners. While voting for the contest’s seasonal winners is open to the public through the Pets Best Insurance website and Facebook page, each year’s grand prize winner is selected by an internal review panel composed of respected veterinarians.

For more information about Pets Best and the My Vet’s the Best contest, visit

For more information about Dr. Felt and why she was nominated for the contest, visit

About Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC

Dr. Jack L. Stephens, founder and director of Pets Best, founded pet insurance in the U.S. in 1981 with a mission to end euthanasia when pet owners couldn’t afford veterinary treatment. Dr. Stephens went on to present the first U.S. pet insurance policy to famous television dog Lassie. Pets Best provides coverage for dogs and cats. Dr. Stephens leads the Pets Best team with his passion for quality pet care and his expert veterinary knowledge. He is always available to answer questions regarding veterinary medicine, pet health and pet insurance. The Pets Best team is a group of pet lovers who strive to deliver quality customer service and value. Visit for more information.

Pet insurance coverage offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company. Independence American Insurance Company is a member of The IHC Group, an organization of insurance carriers and marketing and administrative affiliates that has been providing life, health, disability, medical stop-loss and specialty insurance solutions to groups and individuals for over 30 years. For information on The IHC Group, visit: Additional insurance services administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC are underwritten by Prime Insurance Company. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

Pets Best is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA).


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Life & Style: Be Mine!


IM Blog Archive


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley


By Leslie Linsley

Contributing Writer


(Feb. 13, 2015)

Using a holiday as an excuse to make gifts is great. You already have a theme or color scheme. Since it’s Valentine’s Day this month think red and white and hearts. Think romantic! 


There are lots of projects that take very little material and cost. Best of all they are quick!. I’ve written many tips books. Depending on the times, some have addressed money issues and focused on projects that cost next to nothing. At other times “easy” was the focus like “Leslie Linsley’s Quick and Easy Decorating Tips.” At another time I wrote, “Leslie Linsley’s High Style Low Cost Decorating Ideas.”


Everyone wanted, and maybe still do, a great look for little money. But right now everyone is time conscious. Saving time, instant gratification, but great results! Today in the New York Times I read that the high-powered business lunch in a fine restaurant is dead. No one wants to take the time. And after a two-hour lunch they have to devote twenty minutes to catching up on twitter and e-mails and such. Seems a lunch at the drugstore counter (ideally with your computer along) is the way to have it all: lunch and business on the go.  Sure doesn’t beat a lovely, slow lunch at the Centre Street Bistro.


Crafting and quick gratification seem to be an oxymoron. However in the spirit of the current sentiment I’ll try to respond accordingly. . The following projects were designed to be easy, quick, money-saving and satisfyingly good enough to give as a gift. Make something for yourself . These are good winter projects. These craft projects are good for any time of year. But, since it’s Valentine’s month why not make something red and white  from the heart?


• Sweetheart Soap: All you need is a bar of pretty soap, a few decals, clear nail polish and a silver marker. Draw squiggles and swirls with the marker around the soap. Sweetheart soap  has raised sculpted lines to follow. Arrange stickers on the soap and apply. Press down. Or, rather than stickers, cut out a design from a greeting card and glue onto the soap. Coat the top with clear nail polish.  Use the soap as a sachet in the linen closet, to include with a pretty and intimate gift or put in the powder room


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley



• Needlepoint Frame: Using a piece of plastic canvas, cut  2-1/2 inches larger than your photo. Cut a rectangle out of the center with an opening slightly smaller than the photograph. Follow the picture to create borders and hearts with red and white yarn or go to my website: for a needlepoint pattern.  Place finished frame over the picture and tape to back. To finish back: cut a piece of fabric or paper same size as frame and using Elmer’s glue, attach.


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley



• Ticking Heart Sachets: Use scraps of fabric to make a bunch of little sachet pillows. Use contrasting fabric for a heart applique on each one. I used contrasting fabric to make piping around each one. Stuff with potpourri, pine needles, or just cotton stuffing. If you know how to sew these are a cinch to make from your scrap basket.


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley


• Patchwork Heart Pillow:  If you like to sew or do patchwork make a pillow of red and white triangles. Cut up a bunch of red squares and white squares and cut each in half on the diagonal. Then stitch a red triangle to a white triangle for a red/white square. Arrange in rows and stitch together to create a square approximately 14 or 16 inches. Create a heart pattern on paper, pin to the patchwork fabric and cut out. Cut same size from solid red for back. If you want a lacy trim, add a border. Or, pipe the outside edge with cording. All materials available at the Sewing Center or JO-ANN Fabrics in Hyannis.


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