Joe Giudice is reportedly no longer welcome at the federal correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut. According to a new report, Teresa is fed up with her alleged cheater husband and doesn’t want him to visit her behind bars.

On March 26, a source told Life Style via Radar Online that Joe Giudice was no longer traveling to visit his Real Housewives of New Jersey wife.

“Teresa said that Joe is not visiting her anymore, for the rest of her sentence. So her mom will have to bring her four girls to see her.”

In recent weeks, Joe Giudice visited his wife a number of times, and on occasion, also brought their four daughters. Unfortunately as the source told Life Style, it will now be up to Teresa’s mother to transport her girls to Connecticut from New Jersey.

Joe Giudice and his wife attended a sentencing hearing in October of last year, where they both received prison time for crimes of bank and wire fraud. Teresa was sentenced to a 15-month term while husband Joe Giudice received 41 months.

Although they both received time, the judge on their case allowed Teresa and Joe Giudice to serve their time separately, meaning Teresa would turn herself in first, and after her sentence was complete, Joe Giudice would serve his term.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joe Giudice was accused of cheating on wife Teresa earlier this month. In an In Touch Weekly publication via All About The Tea, it was alleged Joe Giudice had engaged in an affair with a 30-year-old Atlantic City model named Jamie Jackson.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Joe Giudice denied the allegations.

“I did not flirt with her. I did not make out with her, nothing happened between us. Everything InTouch is saying that happened between us are lies.”

Joe Giudice’s alleged mistress also spoke out, denying having slept with the married father of four.

“I definitely never slept with him… Nothing happened with me and Joe, I didn’t know him prior, nothing inappropriate happened at any time. We did not hook up, kiss, or anything more. I saw him at the two business meals and nothing more, it’s all made up bulls—.”

Although Joe Giudice denies having engaged in any inappropriate behavior, In Touch Weekly claims to have more incriminating photos and a secret video of the reality star.

Joe Giudice will begin his 41-month prison term in early 2016.

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