Everything can be staged. Exactly why I keep asking people if they know anyone that has Covid19 and if so did they die. So far, thankfully, nobody does.

I spoke to a client today in San Diego where they are locked down tight. He said he doesn’t know anyone either and was also very suspicious about what he’s been seeing over there in terms of the overrun hospital claims. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve spoken to people in Canada, LA, NY, Chicago, DC, Australia, Argentina, Orlando and a few others I can’t remember. If I heard from people, anyone that it’s really happening where they live, I’d be more inclined to believe them. I’m just not hearing it.

Being sick is one thing. Dying is another. Yes, shut down the world if large numbers of people are really dying. But, if there is enough evidence to show that numbers are being skewed and the media is intentionally misinforming, the next question needs to be why and by who. Right?

What’s the purpose of inflating numbers that would scare the hell out of the entire world? Why would main stream media want to stage something like showing video of an Italian hospital and claiming it was NY? But NBC did and admitted the “error”. That’s just one of many I can site. I call bullshit.

There should be absolutely no reason whatsoever there should be anything but true and honest reporting of numbers. Checks and balances right? That’s just not the case with the main stream media any longer. The people trying to find the real truth are labeled as conspiracy theorists and crazy people. And, it’s hard to find them online. Why?

Searches on Google and Facebook for anything positive or things that are right leaning are hard to find. The top listings will always be left wing owned media. Facebook has already admitted in front of congress that they tested swaying public political opinion on 2,000 people and were successful. They continue to do this today. It’s all about power, control and money.

One thing I find very interesting is that when you watch the “local” news from any station anywhere in the US, you will get the EXACT same wording of every story. Even the jokes! There is no more “local” news. It’s all fed from one organization.

Oh, and what the hell happened with the people that were fucking little kids on the island in the Caribbean? The guys dead so everyone else gets off? No more media coverage? We’re talking about the Clintons, the prince of England, Bill Gates, Saudi princes, Hollywood elite, and a shit ton of others. I think there are a lot of people very concerned about their reputation at minimum, prison or death.

The world needs to call out the main stream media for what it is, a propaganda machine.