It’s interesting if a middle class person kills one or two people, you’re all over the news, publicly humiliated, dragged thru our court system (albeit corrupt) and sentenced to hard jail time. And rightfully so I must add.

However, if you have a ton of money and/or power and kill lots of people without cause for political or personal gain, you get away with it. This includes top level executives at large corporations that never get prosecuted. Why? Because our judicial system is corrupt with top level attorneys and judges that used to work for these large corporations are now making favorable decisions in favor of these same companies. AIG, Meryll Lynch, UBS, and the list goes on and on.

Why do we believe the CDC about the Corona virus? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short time here is you should never trust a large organization when they start talking numbers. I always wonder what’s behind the curtain and their motivation behind the wording that’s causes fear. Recent history has shown we need to be skeptical.

George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Colin Powell stood in front of the entire world and said Saddam Husein has weapons of mass destruction and needs to be killed. Why haven’t they and others been tried for war crimes?

They had all kinds of numbers, pictures and videos to back them up and gathered by the super humans known as the intelligence community. We’d better believe them. Otherwise, the world will be in chaos in fear of nuclear holocaust because Hussein is a madman and will kill us all. Give us absolute power, and your money, and we’ll restore order for everyone. Sounds like the mob doesn’t it?

They lied. The numbers were intentionally made up to sell war and send thousands of people to their death. All for power and money for the elite. Nothing more. We then decided to take over Afghanistan and coincidentally now have an opiate epidemic. And we’re still there today controlling the drug trade.

How about Bill and Hillary Clinton? They continue to lie about Benghazi, Monica Lewinsky, the Clinton Foundation, meetings on the tarmac, selling uranium to the Russians, and let’s not forget Bill liked to visit the kid fuck island in the Caribbean. Or how many suspicious deaths are tied to them. And yet, they remain untouched. Why are there no investigations into the Clintons?

It’s beyond me that all these people are not in jail doing hard time. If any one of us would have done 1/100th of what these people have done, we’d be in jail for a very long time. If we continue to be complacent with top level executives and government officials, there is no incentive for them to stop. Isn’t it about time we start charging some of these people possibly for treason?