A short story that prompts the above question.

A friend of mine decided he was going to pack his bags and camp out in the mountains for a week or two during the Corona Virus lock-down. He’s a mountain man and has all the utilities to do this and has done this in the past on several occasions.

About 15 minutes outside his home, while driving on the interstate, driving the speed limit in the middle of the day, was pulled over by a local police officer.

The officer pulled him over to ask questions only. He asked things like where is he going? Do you know there is a lock-down? And then tell him that he really should not be camping during this time because it’s dangerous. No ticket, no warning, nothing wrong with his vehicle, no reason to pull him over.

My friend managed to drive about 3 more hours and crossed into Georgia. About 30 minutes later he was pulled over again by another local police officer. Once again, the same questions and same “advice”.

In my opinion, historically police officers have out of control egos. The power they have over others goes to their head and they lose their common sense. I’ve had police officer friends, co-workers and family and they all displayed the same arrogance and expectation that you should do whatever they tell you, no matter if they are in uniform, at a family gathering, or sitting on the couch watching TV.

Humans in general get this way when they are told they have a certain amount of power. Even people with the highest morals and respect from others are susceptible to corruption and ego. Remember Nelson Mandela and how he became corrupt in his last years?

My plea is for all police officers to try and set aside their egos, especially during this Corona Virus lock-down. I don’t think you guys want a police state any more than I do. Ultimately, it will hurt everyone including you. Just because you’re told by your superiors what to do doesn’t mean you stop using your common sense. If they tell you to arbitrarily pull people over to ask where they are going, think about what you’re doing. Do you remember your history? This sort of communist/socialist attitude never works and does more harm than good. Please don’t be a part of the problem.

Hmm..maybe there are a few cops with common sense. Watch the video below. My hat’s off to him!